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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Living the College Life

Judging from what I have seen today, it should be an interesting college football year. I've already seen the OU powerehouse lose to TCU. What a shocker! If I didn't live in Texas, I'm not so sure I would know who TCU was. They haven't been any good since Slingin' Sammy Baugh was taking the Horned Frogs to a NCAA title.

UT, who I think is consistently overrated in every sport, is trying to prove me wrong this year. It's 53-3 as I type this. Vince Young has looked good, as have the RBs adn defense. I know it's just LA-Laffeyette, but they still look impressive. I guess we'll find out more next week when the Longhorns travel to Columbus. I'm anxious to see how dangerous Young will be with A.J. Hawk spying him all afternoon.

South Carolina won a squeeker against UCF. I doubt Spurrier has ever squeeked by UCF before. I hear alot of analysts talking about how South Carolina could be a bowl team this year. I don't see it. Not with that schedule. I think the mediajust loves Spurrier too much. Personally, I was happy as hell to see him fail in Washington. The only thing entertaining about Spurrier was his cocky attitude and "good natured" humor. (i.e. Free Shoes University) Now he says he wants to stay out of the limelight and let the focus be on the team. What team? They stink. Spurrier should be more outrageous than ever to try and keep the spotlight off that team. He shouldn't have taken that job. I don't see him winning even 1 SEC title in South Carolina.

USC is putting it on Hawaii. Big whoop! With their easy schedule there is no reason they shouldn't go undefeated and repeat as national champs. They just have too much talent not to win it again this year.

Underrated Teams

I know Iowa is ranked 11 or so, but I think they will finish in the top 5. Their defense is dominant and Drew Tate can light up the score board. And Kirk Frentz is one of the most underrated coaches in the country. Him and Lloyd Carr. How does Carr not get more respect?

Maybe I'm biased because I lived in College Station for 3 years and have been a lifetime Aggie fan, but I think they are alot more dangerous than people give them credit for. In my opinion, Reggie McNeal is the best overall QB in the country. He can run, and unlike Vince Young he doesn't need recievers to be standing on a ladder to complete a pass to them. Vince Young is Tommie Frazier. Reggie is Donovan McNabb.

Overrated Teams

UT is always overrated. Don't get me wrong, they are good, but not #2 in the country. It wouldn't surprise me if they lost 3 games this year. I think they will lose next weekend at OSU, in College Station, and they might lose to OU again. Although i'm not as confident about the last one after today's embarrasment.

That's really all I've got for overrated. And it might just be a cheap shot at those teasips from Austin.

Best Pro Prospects

QB-Reggie McNeal
Matt Leinart
Drew Stanton

RB-Gerald Riggs Jr
Reggie Bush
Cedric Humes

WR-Santonio Holmes
Jason Avant
Todd Watkins

OL-Mike Jones (Who?) Mike Jones
D'Brickshaw Ferguson
Eric Winston

DL-Rod Wright
Mathias Kiwanuka
Gabe Watson

LB-A.J. Hawk
Ahmad Brooks
Chad Greenway

DB-Michael Huff
Laron Landry
Darnell Bing
Alan Zemaitis

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