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Monday, April 17, 2006

Recapping Week 2

The most exciting day of Week 2 came on Thursday afternoon when my roommate discovered we were getting MLB Extra Innings free of charge. Much to our dismay, Time Warner took it away the very next day in a dirty, scandulous move that draws unfavorable comparisons to getting "blue-balled." I had the popcorn and 12 pack of Coors Light ready to go for the Twins/Yankees game only to be told "You Are Not Currently a Subscriber To This Channel." Bastards! I wasn't a subscriber yesterday either but that didn't stop you from toying with my heart like the little digital cable tease that you are, did it? Oh well. I'll let bygones be bygones. Now about week 2.

* Chris Shelton continues to make major league pitchers call him Big Papa. He now has 9 homers in only 12 games, which is the second highest total in history for the first 2 weeks of baseball. Yet when you Google his name you get more pictures of Chris Shelton from The Apprentice than you do of the ballplayer.

* Not to be outdone by a no-namer from Detroit, Albert Pujols hit 3 yesterday and another one tonight to tie Shelton for the league lead.

* As of right now, the Mets appear like they may be the team to bet in the NL. Their 3-6 hitters can match up with anybody in the league. Reyes will be a terror on the basepaths. The only regrettable thing about Jose is that he's not on base more often to take advantage of his speed. I'm going to wait before I jump on the Mets' bandwagon though. I still don't like the rotation. Outside of Pedro there's not much there. Glavine's okay but he's certainly not a #2 guy anymore.

* The Twins managed to get back to .500. If they can stay right around even this month they should be in good shape. Their opening schedule of Toronto, Cleveland, Oakland, NYY, LA of A, and the White Sox leaves you wondering what Terry Ryan did to piss off the schedule makers.

* Graham's finding out very quickly why I called him to apologize when the Cubs signed Jacque Jones. He's currently hitting .111/.227/.278 - and he hasn't even had to face a lefty yet. Yikes!

* Orlando Hudson said a typical off day for him invloves washing clothes and watching Lifetime.

* Mark Buerhle was fined for sliding across the wet tarp during a rain delay. I guess that's the price you pay for being awesome

* Update of the Liriano Watch. Saturday he came into to clean up the mess Jesse Crain made against the Yankees. Liriano pitched 1.2 innings giving up no runs, walking one and striking out one. The Twins went on to win in the bottom of the ninth off Justin Morneau's two run single.

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