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Monday, March 06, 2006

We'll Miss You, Kirby

I wrote yesterday about how Kirby Puckett, and athletes in general, have a way of bringing people together. Seth picked up on it and linked to this site in his post about the death of Kirby. I don't have much to add at the moment, but due to the new traffic coming over I felt I should put some type of update after learning that Kirby had indeed passed away.

I'm quite sure of the fact that I could do Kirby and his fans no more justice than Bat Girl already has.

I do see some irony, or perhaps destiny would be a more appropriate word, in the fact that Kirby's death has seemed to bring us all together even more than his life. I live in Texas, have my whole life, and it may sound silly but part of me feels similar to how I did when my grandfather passed. All of my family was up in North Dakota and Minnesota except for my parents and I. In a way, I again feel seperated from my family - only this time it's my Twins family.

I've read suggestions of trying to set up some type of memorial at the Metrodome. Although I would not be able to attend, for obvious reasons, it would please me a great deal if that could some how be organized.

My thoughts go out to the Puckett family, as well as my Twins family. It's funny how you don't fully grasp the effect an athlete you've never known personally can have on your life until they're gone.

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