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Monday, February 06, 2006

Winter Has Arrived

Technically, winter is actually almost over. But I live in Texas, so we don't really have a winter anyways. We go from summer to fall and back to summer again in a matter of 3 months. So I define these next 2 months as a "Sports Winter". I'm speaking of the 2 months of the year without either baseball or football. This is a dark, cold time in my life when every things seems dead. Hence, the term, "Sports Winter".

So what do I do during these next 2 months? Hibernate until April? Pretend to be huge NBA fans? Get real hyped for the NCAA tournament and claim to have watched most of the regular season? I guess I could be that annoying person that won't shut up about the NFL draft even though it's nearly 3 months away. You know that guy. He's the one who has a mock draft that goes through all 7 rounds. He switches it up every day upon learning that player X is actually half an inch shorter than originally thought or that player Y can hurl a football 30 yards from the fetal position. No, I can't be that guy.

I could be that guy that speculates on the insignificant baseball trades right before Spring Training. I could do analysis on how the Dodgers may have sealed the NL West by trading PTBNL to the Padres for some left-handed pinch hitter to come off the bench. How his 60 at bats will surely be the difference between 87 and 89 wins. No, I better leave that for the guys at BPro.

I do live in Texas, so maybe I could get into Nascar. Well, they may not even be in season either. I really don't know. Besides, I avoid Nascar not because I don't think I'll like it, but because I think that I will. Everyone I've talked to says that if you just watch a few races, you'll get hooked. That's precisely what I don't want to happen. I'd rather be known as the guy who eats his toenails than as the guy who watches Nascar. Who wants to be the guy who hushes his roomates when Tim Cowlishaw get his 30 seconds of facetime?

Maybe I'll go on a sports vacation and just concentrate on my school work. After all my grades are slowly dropping with each word I type on this computer. Or every time I look up PECOTA projections to get ready for the MLB fantasy draft. And each time I put my finance book down to go play homerun derby in the cul-de-sac with a tennis ball and a bat made out of the wooden rod in my closet that is supposed to be used for hanging clothes on. My mother says I need to grow up - that I need to concentrate on my studies first and games later. I see no merit in that suggestion. But she's probably right. So maybe I'll take her advice. Maybe I'll end this article and start reading my management book to get ready for the test tomorrow. And then I'll say hello again come April, when life is back to how it's supposed to be.

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