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Sunday, January 01, 2006

NFL Roundup-Week 17

It seems that every year the football season goes by quicker and quicker. I feel like just yesterday I cracked open a beer at noon on Sunday to welcome in the best time of the year. I have to say this was the best football season for me for no other reason than that I never had to work a single Sunday. I could also say it might have been the worst in quite some time due to the Packers forgettable 4-12 record. I guess I could desribe it best with one word, bittersweet.

At the very least, the Packers atrocious season has made the NFL draft a little more interesting for me. The top of the draft looks like this:

New Orleans
New York Jets
Green Bay

The 6th and 7th pick will be decided by a coin flip between San Francisco and Oakland. San Fran may have dropped from the 3rd pick to the 7th pick by winning (or losing, I don't even know anymore) against the Texans this afternoon. Meanwhile, Houston secured the rights to draft Reggie Bush. I'm not so sure he's the definite guy though. With Dom Davis at RB and the worst O-line in recent history, I'm not so sure that D'Brickshaw Ferguson wouldn't be a better choice.

Texans fans and the Houston Chronicle won't hear it though. I spent almost 2 weeks in Houston over the holidays and the front page of nearly all the sports sections was always about Reggie Bush and the Texans current draft status. With all that hype, it's going to be tough for the organization to disappoint its fan base.

When we first started this blog I wrote about how big of a loser Maurice Clarrett was after being cut by the Broncos. The fact that he is currently a fugitive accused of sticking up a couple at gunpoint does nothing but reinforce my logic. I can't recall a person falling from on-top-of-the-world status to complete-zero status so quickly since Shawn Kemp.

No surprise to anyone that Dick Vermiel cried at the postgame news conference. I've always been a fan of Vermiel because of that sentimentality that he displays. It's refreshing to see such a good family man who genuinly cares about the people around him in football. I guess Tony Dungy could be classified the same way, making the death of his son that much more tragic. Unfortunatly, I have to say Mike Sherman belongs in this class as well, though he's lacking one other label the previous two men have: Good Football Coach. Please fire Mike Sherman.

It didn't take long for Mike Tice to get the boot. I've shared my opinion that he was a disaster since day one before. Finally I can wake up in the morning not completly baffled that this man was a NFL head coach. I guess now I will just substitute that thought with the constant wondering of whether or not Brett Favre will return for one more year. There was such an eerie feeling at the end of that game. Yesterday I would have put the odds of him coming back at 70/30. Now it's only 50/50. I've always hoped that he would announce before the season that it would be his last. That would give fans in Green Bay and other cities he plays in to celebrate his great career for 16 weeks. Seeing Bears and Vikings fans give Favre a standing ovation in his last game in Soldier Field and the Metrodome would be a touching sight. And I have no doubt in my heart that they would.

For what it's worth, Larry Johnson has solidified himself as the number 2 pick in next year's fantasy drafts. 1,750 yards and 21 touchdowns after only starting 10 games? Ridiculous. Not that anyone cares, but I would be remise not to mention that I won the Fantasy Super Bowl in 2 of my 4 leagues. In the other 2, I finished 3rd and 6th, although the 6th place finish was fue to bad luck. I finished the season 1st in total points but didn't make the playoffs.

Does anyone else have a hard time believing that Jerome Bettis is number 5 on the all-time rushing list? I know he was a great back, but #5? I dread the day someone tries to argue that he's the 5th best running back of all-time based on that information. I get the feeling that someone dumb enough to believe that will also be very difficult to argue with. But if this was indeed Jerome's last game then I wish him well. He was a very good RB and a class act who stepped out of the starting role graciously. People of his caliber deserve all the accolaides they get.

Time to get ready for the playoffs.

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