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Friday, December 30, 2005

Rose Bowl Just Got More Interesting

With the Oklahoma win over Oregon, I'm thinking the Rose Bowl matchup got a bit juicier. The alleged #2 powerhouse of the Pac-10, the Oregon Ducks, got beat by the unranked Oklahoma Sooner team buried within the middle of a weak Big-12 conference. Well, it was thought to be weak, but may have jumped up a notch or two with the Holiday Bowl win.

I know, Oklahoma was stronger than they seemed Oregon had a good second half and anything can happen on any given day and blah blah blah, but the arguments about Texas not playing anyone and USC playing all this stellar Pac-10 competition just got a bit of tarnish on it.

To say the least.

Still, most state that the Trojans are going to take it to the Longhorns. That may happen, but all I'm saying is I'm glad I have the night off so I can check out the game myself, because I think it's going to be a classic. We'll know Wednesday night.

Kobe Bryant's getting two games for his version of the Forearm Shiver smacked down on Brad Miller of the Memphis Grizzlies. The NBA called it "unnecessary and excessive contact". Ya think? Kobe said that "any player that was going to come down the lane at that particular time, I was going to let them know that they just can't walk through here". Whatever. He was just pissed that he got jacked earlier in the game. Then again, I'm not Kobe's biggest supporter. Perhaps Matt will chime in on how great it was to see the skinny man take it to someone who wasn't looking. Soon enough, Kobe's going to be driving the lane on the road and someone is going to remember this moment. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Tejada's still pissed off. Yeah, well ya play for the Orioles. Get over it. Next.

Did you hear about the T-ball coach who tried to pay off a kid on his squad to hurt another kid enough so he couldn't play in a game? Yeah, I'm not making this up. He paid a kid $25 to take down a mentally retarted and autistic kid he had on his squad but had to play at least an inning or an at-bat due to T-ball and Little League regualtions. The 27 year old coach reportedly had the young 9 year old boy peg the other 9 year old with baseballs in the head and groin to disable him. What an evil, low-life assh_le. I say we need to bring back stoning for this f_ck. Put him in a pit and let us throw some stones at his head and groin. Seriously. And he won't take a plea bargain which means he's going to say it wasn't him and it's just kids playing around. Wow. I'm going out back to get a box of rocks.

Alright. I hate to end on that note, but that's how it is today. Gotta check out South Carolina taking it to the hapless Mizzou Tigers. It's going to get ugly.

Don't forget to check out LSU v. Miami tonight. Like you would.


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