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Monday, January 02, 2006

Sherman Fired

Na na na na, Na na na na-Hey Hey Hey-Goodbye! That along with "Oh Happy Day" have been on repeat inside my head all day long.

This is one of those rare posts that make me so excited I actually put on a tuxedo just to write it. The man who I feel is most responsible for putting through this disasterous 4-12 season was fired this morning. Mike Sherman can torture me no more.

I've stated for quite some time that despite Mike Sherman's record as a head coach, he was one of the worst in the league. He inherited a Super Bowl contending team and turned it into a 4-12 team in 5 seasons. His drafts have left the team depleted of any real talent and most of his free agent signings and contract extensions have hogtied the team financially until this offseason. I could give you exhibit A-Z if needed, but somehow I don't imagine anyone trying to argue my logic. Ok, I have to do it anyways-if only just for fun. Here we go:

Cletidus Hunt, Joe Johnson, Ahmad Carroll, Joey Thomas, BJ Sander(3rd round), Jamal Reynolds, Marques Anderson, Kenny Peterson, Earl Little, Adrian Klemm, R-Kal Trulack, Robert Ferguson, Donnell Washington, James Lee

I could go on but there's no need to add insult to injury. The point is that the guy has eye for talent. Last year the oragnization stripped him of his general manager duties allowing him to focus only on coaching. It didn't help a bit.

Sherman failed to prepare his team week in and week out. The play calling was atrocious and the team played with very little enthusiasm for much of the season. Simply put, Sherman has been in over his head from the get go.

Awhile back I started an unofficial poll asking which of the Mike's would get fired first. Technically, Mike Tice won just as I predicted. But considering Sherman and Martz were both fired within 18 hours of Sherman, I think we can consider it a 3-way tie.

Sherman's firing leaves the Packers with two important questions. Who will be the next head coach and how will this effect Favre's decision for next year? I'll get into those two subject's in a later post. For now I'll just cherish this latest news. MIke can finally catch up on his sleep.

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