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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Writers Got It Wrong, Again

The AL Cy Young award was announced today. Drumroll, please! And the winner is Bartolo Colon. Yes, you read that correctly. While Colon is hardly an embarrasing choice, he certainly didn't desrve the award over Johan Santana, Mariano Rivera, and possibly Mark Buerhle.

The baseball writers have done it again. They've given the award to the wrong man. Don't worry though friends. Surely they'll get the NL Cy Young right tomorrow won't they? I mean, they've got to give it to Clemens, right? His ERA was a full run lower than 2nd place Chris Carpenter. The problem is that Clemens only has 13 wins and regardless of the fact that his win total is a reflection of his teammates offensive performance not Clemens' pithcing, that is still what the writers will focus on. For that reason alone, I'm very confident the NL Cy will go to Carpenter or Willis.

I will agree they did a marvelous job on ROTY. Street and Howard were more deserving of the award than any other rookie. They can't screw up the AL MVP. Ortiz and ARod are both worthy candidates. They might screw up the NL MVP by giving it to Andruw Jones, while DLee and Pujols crushed him in every statistical category other than HR and RBI.

What's the answer to this problem? Hopefully, in time statistical analysis will continue to grow into the mainstream. Then these very same writers that screw up award voting year after year will begin to base their decisions on the same statistics that the sabermetrically leaning blogging community is pushing. The key word in that sentence is hopefully.

I did read another suggestion on Baseball Musing this afternoon. The idea is to set up the Baseball Blogging Association that would also vote on postseason awards. The logistics weren't laid out, but I would assume it would consist of bloggers far more read than your's truly here at Unrestricted View. Although UV.com would love to have a vote on these matters, guys like David Pinto, Aaron Gleeman, Will Carroll and all the other writers of the more popular blogs would be far more deserving and would always derive at the right candidate.

With any luck, some writers from the mainstream media (Neyer, Stark) would jump on board to give the awards a little more credibility. It's just an idea and even if nobody outside the blogging community knew it existed, the awards would still be merited by the millions of people that do read and publish sports blogs. Hopefully, somebody will get this ball rolling so Johan Santana and Roger Clemens can recieve some of the recognition they deserve.

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