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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Congratulations to Jason Giambi and Ken Griffey Jr. Those are your two Comeback Player of the Year award winners. I can't think of 2 more deserving guys. Both of them were absoluely phenomenal this season.

Giambi finished as the league leader in OBP while slugging .535 and hitting 32 dingers. At the beginning of the season the Yankees were looking for a loophole to get out of his contract. Lucky for them, they were unsuccessful. It's pretty obvious that Giambi was deserving of the award. I wasn't sure he would get it though because of the admitted steroid use. America's a pretty forgiving country though. I think the fact that he was the only one to fess up really helped his cause. I know I found myself rooting for him all year, and I was never a Giambi fan to begin with. Hopefully, we won't find out that he was juicing all season. I don't think he has, but if I'm wrong we will know for sure that Jason Giambi without steroids is just Jeremy Giambi.

Just as deserving was Junior. He played almost 130 games and hit 35 homeruns to go along with .369 OBP and a .576 slugging percentage. Good thing these 2 guys didn't play in the same league. I'd hate to have to vote for one over the other. The only downside to Junior's re-emergence is that I can no longer sit behind the visitor's dugout at Astro games and wait for Griffey to get in the on deck circle to yell out, "Hey, that guy used to be Ken Griffey Jr." There's nothing wrong with a little heckling to bring Junior down a notch.

A similar scenario to this is something mentioned by Bill Simmons in one of his mailbags. I'm normally not a Simmons reader, but this is pretty good. The idea is that if you ever come across a famous actor, try to recall a crappy film they did early in their career and mention that one rather than the one they won an Oscar for. A couple examples could be: Hey Leo, I loved you in Growing Pains. Larry Fishburn and his amazing performance in Pee-Wee's playhouse. Vince Vaughn in Rudy. Reese Witherspoon in Freeway or Kevin Costner in Night Shift. I think you get the drift.

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