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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Curse of the Diehard Fan

Each week before the Packers play, I set myself up for a letdown. This is the curse of the diehard fan. The diehard fan always believes his team will win the game. No matter how outmatched they seem, no matter how poorly they have played in the recent past, the diehard fan finds a reason to believe his team has the advantage. For me that reason is easily found and quite convincing. That reason is Brett Favre.

In the past he has been talented enough to overcome any deficiencies the rest of the team incurs. Sadly, this may no longer be the case. In fact, anyone who is not biased towards the Packers could make the arguement that Favre is part of the problem. That arguement would be wrong and I will not allow my mind to be littered with this absurd propaganda. It's similar to Astros fans encouraging Bagwell to come back next year. Or Jordan fans refusing to admit that he shouldn't have come back to play for the Wizards. Diehard fans refuse to let anything tarnish the legacy of their heroes, no matter how obvious their heroes deficiencies have become. We always feel those heroes have just one more season, one more game, or one more play that will capture our imaginations. It is, inevitably, the curse of the diehard fan.

Well, tonight is no different. The Packers are struggling at 0-3. The offense has been erratic. The defense has been no better than average. And there has been nothing special about the special teams. But none of that matters this Monday night. Because the packers still have Brett Favre. And despite the probability, I still believe he has one more play in him to win this game to turn around one last season. And once again, I've set myself up for heartbreak.

Let's hear it readers! Who's your guy that you always believe has that one last game? Who's your sports hero?

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