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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cowboys Fold; White Sox Fade

What a MNF game, eh? I mean, the part I saw. Pretty much, I worked all night, got my shiite done, and saw "the game" was still going on. I don't get to catch many minutes of the Monday Night Football game, since I work during it, so, feeling lucky, I sit down and watch it. Three minutes or so to go. Cool. Looks like the Redskins just scored on a sweet 39 yd. pass to Santana Moss. Game's interesting (13-7, Cowboys). Let's watch it (I tell myself). So, me and myself sit down to watch the rest of the good ol' Monday Night Football game.

Wow, the Redskins stopped the Cowboys (with the help of a OT Flozell Adams holding call that nullified a 17 yd first down pass to Keyshawn Johnson on third down and eight) with about three minutes to go. The catch would have put the Cowboys on the Washington 37. Nearly in game-winning field goal range. Oops.

Punt goes in the end zone. Redskins line up from their own 20. Pass a little shot over to Clinton Portis for 10 yards. He gets knocked out of bounds on the left sideline. Then, the Redskins made a great playcall. I don't know if it was Joe Gibbs that made the call, but whoever did called a post sprint by Santana Moss straight down the field. Moss ran right past two defenders, Roy Williams and Terrence Newman, and caught the Mark Brunell pass for his second touchdown in 1:01 clocktime, this time a 70 yarder. Nice minute. Sweet play. I'd say the Dallas D doesn't have anyone that can keep up with Santana. At least not at the end of the game.

Then the Cowboys come up one yard short on fourth and four with a three yard pass from Drew Bledsoe to Terry Glenn. Get past the line, Glenn! Don't run a three yard pattern when you need four yards. Simple enough, isn't it?

Anyway, Redskins win 14-13. I think Parcells is going to chew himself an ass or two over this one. After you wipe the "wha' happened?" look off of their faces.

Speaking of blowing a lead, the White Sox lost the first game of a three game series to the Indians 7-5. And they're playing in Comiskey. Now their lead is down to 2.5 games. Unreal. Was 15.5 games on August 2nd. Mark Buhrle is on the mound for the Sox to try and stop the bleeding Tuesday night. The ChiSox have lost eight of their last eleven.

It would be the largest collapse in the history of Major League Baseball, I believe, if it were to happen. That's all I'll say unless it actually does.

I bet the sales of headache medicine tripled on the South Side in the last few weeks.

Hey! San Diego beat the Rockies in Colorado to (drum roll, please) actually get up over .500!!! (the crowd cheers)!! Nice to see the first place in the NL West can win more than they lose. For now.

If only the Cubs could do the same.

Finally, the A's held on (the Twins scored five runs in the top of the ninth, but fell short 7-6) and beat the Twins to stay in the AL West hunt (1.5 games back). Zito pitched six shutout innings, but the Oakland bullpen had issues. The A's are in their division race, but I think they're out of the Wild Card chase (5.0 games out, 12 to go). That's for the Indians, Yankees and White Sox to figure out.


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