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Friday, September 23, 2005

Whew! That Was Close.

As I said yesterday, the much anticipated Texas A&M/Texas Sate game scheduled for Saturday was played last night due to Hurricane Rita. Let me clarify the “much anticipated” adjective. That term only describes the feelings of the 70 or so people on the Texas State football team/staff and myself, a lifelong Aggie supporter who currently goes to Texas State. Again I need to clarify the term “go”. By that I mean “enrolled in”, as sadly I devote more time to looking up baseball stats than I do towards attending class.

All babbling aside, the game was a complete embarrassment. Here is what I thought to be an up and coming Big XII team playing a game against a D-II program. I hear all the other Aggie fans arguing that TX State is a good D-II team, but I don’t care. D-II is still D-II, and they should not be in the game with 7 minutes of play left. Sure, the Aggies superior athleticism eventually prevailed over the Bobcats, but they made a game of it.

At one point in the 4th quarter, I found myself almost rooting for the upset. How good does look to squeak past a D-II school anyways? I think I would have continued to cheer for the Bobcats had I not realized a few things.

One, nobody in San Marcos would really care if they pulled off an amazing upset. This town couldn’t care less about football. Students get into the games free and we still don’t go. The only reason I know the school’s mascot is because beer companies use it relentlessly as a marketing tool. “Bobcats drink Bud”, or “Bobcat drink Miller.” Bobcats drink whatever is cheapest. We don’t care. We’re poor college students trying to drunk off ten bucks.

Two, I still vividly remember the hell UT and Tech fans put me through after last years loss to Baylor. Say what you want about Baylor, at least they’re Division I. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to handle the abuse.

Three, I most surely would have to hear about the loss for at least 45 straight minutes on the Jim Rome Show. Granted, Jim would likely get only about 7 or 8 sentences in with the rest of the time taken up by eerily long pauses that make you check to see if you’re radio is still on, but I still wasn’t looking forward to it.

In the end I had nothing to worry about. A&M won by double digits and in 6 weeks no one will remember how close it really was. But I did have to sit through Coach Fran’s postgame comments about the team’s performance. In a win the coach has to find a way to praise his team, but it was difficult to listen to last night. It’s kind of like when an actor, let’s say Nick Cannon, promotes a crappy movie, like Roll Bounce, on a daytime talk show, more specifically this afternoon’s episode of Tyra. Just explaining the plot of the movie can become quite uncomfortable.

A couple weeks ago I called A&M underrated and UT overrated. I even predicted an Aggie win over the Longhorns this year. I still stick by that, mostly out of stubborn pride. However, I certainly hope all the people I made drunken bets with about that game will soon forget.

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