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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

White Sox Go Up 2-0

Wow. I didn't pick it, didn't expect it, but I must admit it's fun watching the South Siders take it to the Boys from Boston. What a game last night, eh? I didn't see it though, since I was at La Zona Rosa watching Henry Rollins do his Spoken Word thang (which was Outstanding), but I went through the play by play, pitch by pitch of the game, and I must say I'm impressed by the team coming back from four down in the fifth and then holding on to stop the Red Sox from coming back. How are they doing it? The right guys are coming through at the right time. And that Graffanino error sure helped out.

How do you feel if your Tony G.? Wow. He comes on to the team and gains the support of the whole town through his hard-nosed, workman-like playing mentality, and did a great job helping the BoSox get to the playoffs. It's safe to say they wouldn't be here without him. Then, he commits a tragic fifth inning error that leads to three unearned runs and cost the Red Sox the game. Ouch. Tragedy for him, unreal comeback for Taguchi and the White Sox.

Hey, bro, I know I ripped you and Suzanne about Taguchi getting the AL Rookie of the Year (and I still think it goes to Huston Street) but he sure had two of the biggest hits of the White Sox season, the homer he hit to end the Indians run at the playoffs and last night the three run bomb to win the game for the White Sox. He's money, that's for sure, Kev. Hope they don't fold like the 2004 Yanks and hold on to jump into the ALCS. If they do it right away, they can rest while the Yanks and the Angels battle it out in the Bronx.

Speaking of the Yanks, I bet A-Rod doesn't feel to great about his error in the sixth that tied the game up. I know he might win the Gold Glove at the hot corner this year in the AL, but man, he could give a sh!t about that right now. Probably cost Wang the win. He had a great outing when nobody thought he could cut it.

Well, sometimes you've got to field the ball to win, much to the chagrin of Billy Beane and the like. Defense has it's merits as well. Joe Morgan, as idiotic as he can be and as stubborn as he is against the New Metrics, even knows that defense matters.

Tonight, it's St. Louis over, um, I mean versus the Padres at 3:00pm CST on ESPN and the Astros in Atlanta at 7:00pm on FOX. The second game of those two is certainly the bigger media circus, with The Rocket, Roger Clemens going up against John Smoltz. I think that's why Bobby Cox switched up his rotation. Well, he says Smoltz had a sore shoulder. That may be somewhat true, but putting him up against Clemens isn't by accident, I assure you.

I'll be watching that one, for sure. My girlfriend, Traci, is trying to talk me into going into San Marcos to see a friend of hers for lunch, so maybe I'll call up Matt and see what he's doing for the game tonight. If I actually get off of the PC sometime today. I'm feeling part lazy and part worked-up due to the Rollins show last night. If you have a chance to see Henry Rollins Spoken Word anytime, I highly recommend it.

OK. I'm off to try and do a couple of things around the house before the Playoffs tonight.


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