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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Times Are-A Changing

Texas Ranger GM John Hart resigned from his current position today. He will stay in the organization as a special consultant. His old GM duties were handed to the assistant GM, 28 year old Jon Daniels. Daniels graduated from Cornell University in 1999 with a degree in applied economics and management. This move adds one more ivy leaguer to professional baseball's front offices. I get the feeling that this isn't a trend or a fad. Over the next decade, I think sabermetricians may become the majority in MLB management. Even if there's not someone who subscribes to these methods at the top of the organization, there will be a sizable influence of metrics coming from somewhere down the ladder. I see that as where MLB is headed, and the people that don't like it either need to keep quiet or get on board.

I'm not saying there's no place for old scouting techniques and the occasional "gut feeling", just that statistical analysis can no longer be ignored. Why teams refused this information for so long is beyond me. The fact that some of them still do is almost infuriating. Why wouldn't these teams want to know more accurate statistics about how their own players are performing?

I for one hope this kid Daniels is successful. He's got the resources he needs to put a team of his players intact. He's also got a great nucleus to build around. It will be intersting to observe his first offseason. The organization has already decided not to offer Kenny Rogers a contract. It sounds strange because he was their only pitcher of worth, but Rogers' agent, Scott Boras, made it clear they would not accept any type of hometown discount to stay in Arlington. So I can't blame them for not wanting to put $12-15 million in a 42 year old pitcher. No 42 year old pitcher not named Roger Clemens is worth that kind of loot. Thumbs up for decision number 1. I'll be paying close attention to the rest of the decisions.

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